2021 EOY Flashback - Building Bridges!

The FEGOCOOSA EOY Reunion Dinner-4th Dec. 2021!,

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The Audit Committee of FEGOCOOSA has finalized the Audit of Financials of the Association for the year ended April 2022


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#Throwback #FegocoosaAGM #April23rd

Good morning all. 

Were you in Ibadan for the AGM??


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State Of The Association Address


Firstly, I would like to salute and congratulate all our Moslem brothers and sisters on the successful completion of the Holy Month of Ramadan.  I join the entire wo...

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Celebrating Our FEGOCOOSA Icons.

At the EOY Dinner on the 4th December 2021, the following awards and recognitions were presented to deserving recipients:

GOLD Award

1) Best Male Student
2) Best Female Stud...

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President's Address

Abidemi Oni
Abidemi Oni

Dear Fegocoosians,

It gives me great pleasure and unrivaled pride to address you on the platform of our Association's brand-new Website.

FEGOCOOSA as an Association is long deserving of a befitting and publicly accessible Website. Therefore, this website's launch is a great achievement that every member of FEGOCOOSA should be proud of.

The world has changed radically since the turn of the last millennium. Technology has changed the way people live their everyday lives. It is present in almost everything we do - from how we communicate to how we access and gather information and even to how we interact amongst ourselves daily.

Therefore, FEGOCOOSA too, as an Association, must change and must move with the times.  We must automate how we collate and present information. We must demonstrate to the world that our Association is a world-class 21st-century association.

The first and probably most important step towards demonstrating this is to launch a world-class Website. Today,  we are proud that this dream has finally come to pass.

Our Website is now opened for universal use - even though we are still daily adding more and more innovative content to the Website. We hope that by the time we finish uploading all the contents we are working on to the Website, every member of FEGOCOOSA will be able to access any relevant information they desire with just a click of a button.

We urge all to begin to access the Website immediately on a range of devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

We also encourage all users to please communicate to us any suggestions and ideas that they may have, based on their experiences from using the Website. We will be happy to continue updating, refining, and introducing more valuable menus to the Website until we have a perfect Website.

Many thanks to the energetic team that worked selflessly behind the scenes to make this happen within such a short time.

God Bless FEGOCOOSA and its members.

Yours Faithfully,

Abidemi Oni

10th Global President of FEGOCOOSA

Federal Government College Ogbomoso

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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FEGOCOOSA Emergency Congress
7th of August, 2022
First Global Congress in 2022
23rd of April, 2022
The EOY 2021!!
The EOY 2021!!

27th of November, 2021

27th of November, 2021

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